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  1. If you dream of someone slamming you to the door in front of your nose, it means you are actually being excluded from an activity or out of the way. If you hear a doorbell and you are going to open the door in your dream it is the symbol of a magnificent voice that you about hear very soon – you will probably hear the news that you hoped for.
  2. To dream of a key chain is a symbol of opportunities about to become available to you. Note the type of decoration on the key chain - a sentimental object may mean the opportunity to succeed with a close colleague or family member. Dreaming of a key chain dangling in a lock suggests a sudden surge of courage and the prospect of exciting adventure.
  3. To dream of a door that can't close symbolizes a change that feels irreversible. To dream of walking out a door you can't go back into represents feelings about situations you've progressed through and can't return to. Access or opportunities you can't revert to. Example: A woman dreamed of trying to open a locked door.
  4. Door Post. In a dream, a doorjamb or a door post represent the sire of the house or his bottler. If the door post is removed in a dream, it means dismissal of such a person from his work. If it is taken away from that site, then it means the death of the owner of that house.
  5. *an open door – To dream of seeing an open door symbolizes a new stage in your waking life – one filled with chances and opportunities. This could also symbolize you as a person who is receptive and open to these new changes and ideas. *a closed or locked door – A dream about a closed or locked door suggests blockage of possible progress.
  6. A door is a portal, acting as an entrance or exit. Metaphorically, a door can lead to almost anything - another world, a new beginning, challenge or opportunity. On the flip side, a closed door can represent a dead end with feelings of imprisonment and no way out. So it is easy to understand why doors are such a popular feature in our dreams.
  7. 1. If you see a door in your dream, it's a sign that you'll achieve success in a non-conventional way. 2. If the door is opening and closing several times in your dream, it's a warning of possible family troubles and quarrels. 3. If the door is locked, it's a sign that you may worsen relations with a loved one or friend.
  8. I'm not sure if you gave the complete dream or not. Whenever posting a dream it's always important to give the complete dream including your gender and the gender of other dream figures including as much detail as possible. Without this informatio.

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