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  1. a structure with walls and a roof, such as a house or factory, to give protection to people, animals, or things: [ C ] an apartment / office building. [ C ] Many buildings were badly damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. Building .
  2. Dec 10,  · The California Building Code is the basis for the design and construction of buildings in California. Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. Notice to Applicants for Commercial Building Permits. Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building.
  3. Synonyms of building. (Entry 1 of 2) something built as a dwelling, shelter, or place for human activity. English class will be in that big stone building over there.
  4. Building Managers and Tenants Look at the Future through Different Eyes Click here to learn how to extract more value from your properties Building Engines has acquired RDM, the pioneer in best-in-class building measurement and space visualization.
  5. building Photos. construction city architecture house business office buildings street apartment sky technology nature office building home real estate build people design work interior daylight blur wall river travel garden room car background road Expect Best. Collection Photos. Architecture. Pixabay.
  6. Building definition: A building is a structure that has a roof and walls, for example a house or a factory. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  7. Building definition, a relatively permanent enclosed construction over a plot of land, having a roof and usually windows and often more than one level, used for any of a wide variety of activities, as living, entertaining, or manufacturing.
  8. 'building' è un termine alternativo per 'bldg.'. Lo troverai in una o più linee sottostanti. 'building' is an alternate term for 'bldg.'. It is in one or more of the lines below.

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