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  1. Label run by experimental artist Hal McGee. NOTE: Hal McGee began chronologically reissuing HalTapes releases in January He has re-set the catalog numbers for this purpose. Reissues may have different catalog numbers than previous editions of the release. Also, a reissued release may share the same catalog number as a previous version of.
  2. Hal McGee. I have been making my own homemade experimental music since I was an active participant in the s Cassette Culture scene, and I operated the Cause And Effect Cassette Distribution Service and label, and recorded solo as Dog As Master, and in a duo as Viscera.
  3. digitized from Leslie Singer's original cassette master, by Hal McGee, June this archival reissue of Diary of a Shiteater is authorized by Leslie Singer of Girls On Fire album cover artwork from Little Fyodor's personal copy of the cassette that he received directly from Leslie in the s. credits.
  4. In A Foreign Film was the first full-length tape that Debbie Jaffe and Hal McGee recorded and released under the name Viscera. Industrial gothic minimal synth avant neo-primitivism. Most of the songs consist of abstract and expressionist poetic texts recited with a sparse instrumental backing of Casio MT and VL-Tone keyboards, clarinet, Boss.
  5. Hal McGee - H8. -- 60 minutes One of the greatest of all experimental recordings both personal and totally original. On my numerous walks with my dog I carried an old shoebox-style Panasonic cassette recorder, like people used to use to record lectures and such. As I walked along I would turn the tape recorder on and.
  6. A collection of 11 recordings by Hal McGee, solo and in collaboration (with Dave Fuglewicz and Paramutual Operator), collected here together for the first time as an album, recorded and originally released online at parmalmchysitarisoquatthochcudaro.xyzinfo in the last seven months of
  7. Nov 17,  · The first time I heard of Hal McGee was when I purchased a copy of his Dog As Master cassette, The Splendor, from the mail order division of Subterranean records. You can imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox a few years later to find a letter from him requesting tape trades.
  8. Tape Heads Cassette Compilation 1 Hal McGee - E Hal McGee - H8 Charles Rice Goff III & Hal McGee - Lobhia aur khumbi Goff/Klampe/McGee - Unholy Trinity Hal McGee & Phil Klampe - Alien Progeny Phinney/McGee - Ancient Astronauts CD + comic book E H I / Hal McGee / Separation - Homemade Alien Music Volume 1 Split Noring/McGee - Solid State Life.

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