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  1. The American Dream needs a minimum wage increase. When we started our company in , the minimum wage was $ – that would be $, adjusted for inflation in dollars. Even back then, it had eroded from the minimum wage level, which would be $ in today’s dollars.
  2. 62% of minimum wage workers are women and 38% were men. 5% of women in America earned minimum wage or less, compared to 3% of men. 64% of minimum wage workers are part-time workers while 36% are full-time workers. 47% of minimum wage workers were in the South while 24% were in the Mid-west, 18% were in the Northeast, and 12% were in the West.
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  4. The minimum wage rate is the lowest hourly pay that can be awarded to workers, also known as a pay floor. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) determines the minimum wage for employees in private and public sectors, in both Federal and State governments. Under the FLSA, non-exempt employees must be paid the minimum wage or higher.
  5. Feb 21,  · On a historic Tuesday night in May , the Emeryville City Council voted to raise the city’s minimum wage to about $16 an hour by when American policymakers have debated the minimum.
  6. Jul 16,  · The federal minimum wage is, indeed, overdue for an update, having lost about 18 percent of its real value since its last increase in The smart way to .
  7. Jan 29,  · The current Federal minimum wage is at $ an hour, and there are prospects of States raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The issue of raising the minimum wage is controversial, and it is frequently debated on both sides of the aisle.
  8. Here are five points to consider before taking steps to raise the minimum wage: Raising the minimum wage costs jobs. A report by the American Action Forum – a policy institute offering research, analysis and solutions to policy problems – found a $1 increase in the minimum wage leads to a percent increase in unemployment.
  9. Higher minimum wages cause some employers, especially small businesses, to cut staff or avoid hiring new workers to keep costs down. Additionally, it is argued that a higher minimum wage restricts employees from being advanced more quickly in their careers due to cost-control measures and young workers missing out on learning opportunities.

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