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  1. floodgates a term referring to the metaphor of the floodgates of litigation, the notion that there is potentially an ocean of potential litigants with potential claims who would, if the floodgates were opened, engulf the courts and inundate the courts of justice.
  2. 'Floodgates' is a stand-alone novel, so far, at least, but it could easily be the beginning of a really appealing series. Tracy is a sweetheart, Cord is as sexy as hell and the supporting characters are charming - I would love to know more about Alex, Evan and the Russian contingent/5(93).
  3. noun Civil Engineering. a gate designed to regulate the flow of water. anything serving to control the indiscriminate flow or passage of something.
  4. Customized floodgates, flood barriers, stop logs and specialty watertight closures. We design, engineer, manufacture and install quality flood protection. Call us today () Big City Ventures. Quality Flood Protection You Can Count On! Flood Gates Flood Barriers Flood Panels. Why Flood Control.
  5. Welcome to The Floodgates Church. Based out in Newport News, VA. The Floodgates desires to grow as a body of believers to further the kingdom of God by breaking down denominational and racial barriers through out our mission. Loving God, Loving People.
  6. Eight bonus tracks include an acoustic version of "Floodgates" previously available only on a rare promo sampler, two tracks recorded for the Peter Green tribute Rattlesnake Guitar, and three cut in for an attempted Spooky Tooth reunion -- all good enough to make you 8/
  7. FLOODGATES: FB Hinged Floodgate with Pneumatic Seals. FB Bottom-Hinged Floodgate. CG11HA. Hinged Floodgate with Mechanical Seals. FLOOD BARRIERS: FB33 Adjustable Flood Barrier.
  8. Looking for Floodgates? Find out information about Floodgates. a gate in a sluice that is used to control the flow of water A gate used to restrain a flow or, when opened, to allow a flood flow to pass. The lower gate Explanation of Floodgates.
  9. Floodgate is an unofficial term for a card with a continuous effect that restricts one or both players from performing some action. Most notable floodgates are Continuous Trap Cards, though some come in the form of Spell Cards (e.g. "Necrovalley", "Dimensional Fissure") or monsters (e.g. "Majesty's Fiend", "Vanity's Fiend"). Floodgates tend to see widespread play due to their ability to.

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