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  1. Jun 16,  · A change is gonna come. Written By Martin Berrios. Posted June 16, MORE FROM HIP-HOP WIRED. Wired Video. 10 items. Quaker .
  2. Feb 28,  · Hip-hop’s ascension had been steady, but in the genre exploded into a diverse array of styles and sounds that forever restructured how Author: Stereo Williams.
  3. Nov 20,  · Well, ever since Rapper’s Delight, I can tell you that during the olden days, street rappers in the hip-hop world used to carry boomboxes to play rap cassettes on the street. Street gangs and their graffiti - the famous subculture that permeated c.
  4. How Hip Hop Changed the World, a new documentary It wasn't meant to last. When hip-hop emerged in the s, it aspired simply to capture the sentiments, camaraderie and frustrations of inner-city.
  5. Jul 01,  · Over the years, hip hop has experienced a lot of growth in the broader Athens music scene, but it has also established an increasingly stronger presence in local politics. Amidst protests against police brutality and racial inequality, it’s not surprising that hip hop artists are using their various platforms to elevate the community’s voices. Many members of the hip hop community.
  6. Jan 18,  · You see hip hop started in the early 80s and the point of hip hop was to tell a message from the people of the streets and the struggles they had to endure. Although there were hip hop songs that you could jam out and dance to, hip hop was supposed to be a way that inner city black people were able to convey their story of struggle in a lyrical.
  7. Mar 26,  · N.W.A, American hip-hop group from Compton, California, whose popular, controversial music included explicit references to gang life, drugs, sex, and distaste for authority, especially the police. Its five core members were Eazy-E (byname of Eric Wright; b. September 7, , Compton, California.
  8. BBC Young Dancer judge DJ RENEGADE takes a tour of the history of hip-hop dance, from the s to the present. This feature complements the Hip-Hop Dance category in the BBC's search for the.

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